Spirit Revolution NOW! - Dr. Victor Torres

Are you ready to let God do His thing His way? Dr. Victor Torres challenges you to refuse to back down and let go of comfortable, preconceived ideas of how God desires to accomplish His purpose through your life. Spirit Revolution Now equips you to resolve our generation’s deep and complicated problems. You are today’s Elijah. It is time to put on the mantle of hope and life, proclaim sight to the blind and freedom to the oppressed -- beginning with YOU.

Walking In The Spirit- Carlos Rivera

Galatians 5:16 says, if we walk in the Spirit, we will “not fulfill the desires of the flesh.” Join Carlos Rivera for Walking in the Spirit and receive weekly key motivators to avoid the pitfalls of negativity, selfishness, unhealthy behaviors, and sin and press forward to your full potential. Carlos says, “It’s not enough to DESIRE something; you have to DO something.” We can live a life of purpose and blessing when we focus on God’s plan instead of our problems and preferences.

Faith-Fuel Podcast- Rosalinda Rivera

Receive whole-heart, wide-open, side-splitting, deep-diving, blow your heels off (or wheels off) direction and encouragement from Rosalinda Rivera on Faith-Fuels. Brace yourself; there may be a dash of motivational straight talk thrown in when necessary. Hear entertaining and inspirational guests who have been through it and back again with the faith to prove it. If you think you’re alone, throw that thought out. We’re doing this thing together. If you experience it, we’ll examine it. If God’s Word says it, we will stand on it. And when you’re feeling faint, we are here to Fuel Your Faith.